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About Us


What happens when a mother gets fed up over-hyped and under-performing skincare products?  You get Amire Cosmetics, a skincare brand made up of doctors and a mother who are passionate about skincare.  

Our mission is to bring you scientifically researched, tested, and responsibly sourced skincare and beauty products.  We’ll keep every product as natural and organic as possible.  No shortcuts, no fillers, no funky ingredients — we promise.  We want your home to become your spa by offering a wide range of affordable products.  

Our founders consist of skincare enthusiasts, doctors, and dermatologists in training. We have professionals in the field that are working together to create products that actually work!

(Founder) Shana Awan
Single mother of two who is a skincare fanatic to put it the best.  Fed up with hyped skincare products that don’t work, she has teamed up with doctors that are just as passionate as her about skincare to create Amire cosmetics.  Shana has created a super-team of enthusiasts and doctors who are truly passionate about skincare.  With real passion come real products and real results.

(Co-Founder) Dr. Rashid
Rashid has documented his journey throughout medical school and now he is on his next journey to specialize in anesthesiology and internal medicine, with spare time dedicated to skincare research.  His passion is skincare and medicine, so Dr. Rashid has several med spas in the works that will offer a variety of innovative skincare procedures and Amire products.  

(Partner) Dr.  Oranusi
Similarly to Rashid, Dr. Oranusi is specializing in anesthesiology, with his extra time dedicated to skincare research for the Amire brand.  He is a big advocate of men using skincare products — we’ll have to share his bathroom shelf one day with everyone to show just how seriously Dr. Oranusi takes skincare.  He is a strong believer in preventative care when it comes to your skin.

(Partner) Dr. Garcia
Dr. Garcia specializing as a psychiatrist and is passionate about the long-lasting effects of social media on the youth of today.  Youth of today have gone into a downwards mental spiral because they are unable to attain the look of their idol because everything we see is photoshopped or altered to a degree.  Dr. Garcia is here to make sure Amire’s branding, marketing, and other public interactions never going to negatively impact our audience.

(Med Student Intern) Sanwal A.
Sanwal is currently a med student who is looking to become a dermatologist in the upcoming years.  He has signed up to use his spare time to help research new formulas, products, and also to learn how to run a business.  We hope to launch a product specifically formulated for skincare by Sanwal before he completes his med-school journey.

(TBD) Sign up to join our team
Are you a dermatologist who is looking to launch a product?  Team up with Amire and let us work together to bring your product to the market.  

Send us an email to info@shopamire.com if you are interested.  Spots are limited to 1 person per cycle for new product launches.  Learn, earn, and develop the skills you need to launch your own business.

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We aren’t an average beauty brand with a famous face attached to it.  We are a brand lead by dermatologists.

Our skincare line is designed to cater to a variety of different skin issues, so there is something out there for each individual person’s needs. At the heart of our products lies our dedication to work with only the finest quality, natural ingredients. All of our products are tested in-house before they are launched to make sure that they are up to our standards and yours, too. Always committed to being cruelty-free, organically made, and sustainably sourced, Amiré makes products that not only work to maintain beautiful skin, but have long-term positive effects on your body, as well as the planet.

Now that you know a little bit about us, we’d love to show you some of our products! Take a look around, try our products and let us know what you think!

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