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Become a Brand Ambassador

Become a Brand Ambassador



How does it work?

We’ll send a batch of products once or twice a month.  These will be shipped for free to your address.   As an ambassador, we would like at minimum 1 to 2 times posts a week in our Facebook friends and family page with the products being used.  The pictures do not need to be professional.  A quick short video or picture is perfect.  

In addition to sending products for you to try, we’ll also have a limited number set aside for you to give away to your followers for free. 

Since there will be many brand ambassadors in the group, we encourage all of  you to work together to help promote each other as well.  With hundreds of thousands of followers combined, all ambassadors can benefit from helping each other while also promoting our brand.

We do not want you spam your instagram page with our brand.  But we would require at least 1 post a month about any of our products.  

If you do not keep up with your post, you will be removed as an ambassador.

How do I make money as an ambassador?

During the launch phases, we will provide rewards for recruitment of new members to the group, providing high quality engaging content, or simply for being active on the page.

As the brand page begins to grow, we’ll add the most active brand ambassadors with the most engaging content to payroll. 

But how much money can you earn?

Rewards for recruiting new members and for posting engaging content will quickly add-up if you are actively promoting our brand.  New recruitment rewards are on average of $1 per person that joins the group.  Rewards for the most engaging posted content varies from $25 to $100 per month.  If you are actively promoting the brand, these benefits will quickly add-up.

When your code is used multiple times you will also receive free gifts!

What do I receive as an Amire Ambassador?

Free products monthly.  Free products to giveaway to your followers.  Monetary rewards for recruiting new members to the group.  Monetary rewards monthly for ambassadors with the most engaging content.  As the group grows, so will the rewards.

Are there any requirements to become an official Amire Ambassador?

To become an abmassador, you will need at least 1,000 followers on instagram.  You must have a facebook account to join our facebook page.  Your instagram profile cannot be private.

Ready to become an official Amire Rep?

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