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10 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin This Halloween

This year has been hard, but Halloween is not canceled. However you are celebrating Halloween, make sure you are treating your skin right. This year you want to make a plan to take care of your skin this Halloween. Follow these 10 helpful tips to avoid and prevent post-Halloween skin issues.

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1. Drink water before and after your festivities

Drink water before AND after any Halloween festivities you have planned. Whether you are drinking adults drinks or eating Halloween treats and candy, make sure you hydrate. Water helps your body flush out sugar and minimize its negative effects. This will help reduce the likelihood of dry skin and breakouts that alcohol and sugar typically cause. Additionally, if you plan on going to a haunted house or outside in general, water helps increase cell production and hydrate your skin that will help prevent pollutants from harming your skin. Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, remember to drink water.

2. Moisturize your skin before using makeup

Before getting all dressed up and applying your full blown Halloween makeup look, be sure to moisturize your face. Halloween makeup can dry out your skin causing your makeup to crack during your night activities or leaving your skin to look scary even after Halloween has passed. So before you apply anything, prep your skin by using a face mask and/or hydrating moisturizer.

3. Apply barrier cream before using face paint

Let's face it, Halloween makeup is just not good for our skin, but we want to apply it anyways. To give your skin the best shot at being protected from Halloween makeup, use a barrier cream. Face paint and other Halloween makeups have high pigment and may cause the color to absorb into your skin. Barrier cream is used to ensure your makeup sits on top of your skin and prevents it from clogging your pores and staining your skin.

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4. Check if makeup is safe to use

If you are going to use Halloween makeup, please read the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, it is best to do a little research about what it is. Also, please read if the product is safe to use around your eyes and mouth. Non-toxic does not mean it's skin safe. Some products cause more staining or could irritate your skin if you are not careful. It may take a little extra time to do this research, but your skin will thank you when you take time and purchase a safer, skin friendly option. We also recommend to purchase or use quality makeup (if you can).

5. Avoid oil-based face paint

Using normal makeup or Halloween face paint, make sure you are choosing a water-based makeup product. Halloween kits are typically low quality and can cause issues with just a single use. Avoid oil-based face paint as it can easily clog your pores and cause breakouts, and instead opt for a water-based one. Water-based are easier to apply and remove. It won't seep into your pores like an oil-based option.

6. Test makeup on small portion of skin

If you purchased a new or unfamiliar makeup product, before applying it to your face, you should plan to test this new makeup on a small section of your skin to see how it reacts; such as, your inner elbow. You never know how your skin will react to new products. You don't want to apply your whole makeup look the night of Halloween and your skin has an allergic reaction. To prevent unwanted skin issues on Halloween night, test it.

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7. Remove makeup before bed

We are probably all guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on. I know I am. But please, please, please do not do this on Halloween night. After all your activities, your skin needs to be stripped of that layer of makeup, sweat, dirt, and dead skin. This buildup will sit on your face all night clogging your pores, leading to clogged pores and acne.

8. Gently remove makeup

Heavy makeup may irritate your skin, clog your pores, or temporarily dye your skin if you are not careful. You can use your preferred makeup remover or face oil to help loosen and remove Halloween makeup. Face paints and makeup can be stubborn, but remember to be gentle. Aggressive rubbing can cause irritate or damage your skin. If you are having trouble removing your makeup, apply oil cotton ball and hold in stubborn or problem areas. Make sure to completely remove your makeup before using a cleanser.

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9. Use a hydrating cleanser

When removing your makeup, use a hydrating cleanser. Halloween makeup typically dries out your skin, so you want to use a face cleanser that will add moisture back to your skin while cleaning it of any impurities. You may want to double cleanse your face, to ensure all your makeup is removed. Wait to use exfoliators your face can be sensitive after using heavy makeup.

10. Moisturize your skin

Last, but not least, moisturize your skin! As we said multiple times, Halloween makeup tends to dry your skin. Be generous with your moisturizers to help hydrate your skin and build up your skin barrier. We suggest you finish off with our Vitamin C serum, to lock in extra moisture.

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