Champagne Bubble Mask

Champagne Sparkling Bubble Mask by Amire Cosmetics

Bubble masks are not only trendy and fun, but they actually do wonders for your skin! Personally, I've tried other bubble masks before and they seem to bubble and foam way too much. The mask becomes messy and sometimes it makes it hard to breathe because the amount of foam is just too much. This bubbles the perfect amount! Making your skin feel a little tingly as the foam works it's magic! Amire Cosmetics's Sparkling Bubble mask is a gel consistency when first dispensed. This gel can be evenly spread out by gently tapping it around the face. Tapping helps the oxygen gas release that starts the foaming process. how-to-use-bubble-mask--pictorial-skincare-natural-healthy skin-facemask- face-moisturizer

How It Works?

Now you may be wondering, how does this thing actually work? It's simple, bubble masks work similarly to soda. Bubble masks contain an important ingredient that helps dissolve the oxygen gas. This ingredient is perfluorocarbons. Oxygen gas is pumped directly into the mask under a certain amount of pressure and sealed in a pressurized package. When you apply the mask to your skin, the trapped oxygen becomes gas again and that's what starts the foaming process.

Benefits of Adding Oxygen to the Skin

Some benefits of delivering extra oxygen to your skin can include: aiding in collagen production. Collagen holds water in your skin, making it look younger and plumper. Oxygen also helps kill bacteria that cause acne. This calms current blemishes and helps prevent your skin from having future breakouts. The foaming agent helps work itself into your pores, lifting any trapped dirt and oil. Lifting any trapped dirt and oil will leave your skin looking bright and alive!
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