Drying Lotion – 7 Short Hours and 7 Solid Ingredients

Drying Lotion – 7 Short Hours and 7 Solid Ingredients

Happy late Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope everyone spent some time staying warm with the ones they love, with your own self-love being the most important. And as the weather slowly starts to warm up in preparation for spring, so too will your skin. What better way to help your skin with new breakouts than with some Amiré Drying Lotion.

What is Drying Lotion?

Drying Lotion, while seemingly self-explanatory, is a bit misleading in its title. It does dry out your skin, but it isn’t the consistency of typical lotion. The reason why someone would want to dry out their skin may be due to having oily skin, or to treat acne and other blemishes. While not as useful for the dry winter months, drying lotion will help the following wetter and warmer months of the year. In more specific terms, drying lotion contains salicylic acid as a primary ingredient, which is known to treat acne. The anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness in the skin are from sulfur, zinc oxide, and camphor. Each one functions differently at a chemical level, but they all target and inhibit compounds that cause pain and inflammation. It has ability to treat acne and white heads in the skin by drying up the outer most layer of skin, making it easier to treat. Other active ingredients help by reducing redness and swelling that can occur.

How to Use Drying Lotion

The first and most important step before you even open it is to not shake the bottle. The reason behind this is due to the pink sediment that is separated at the bottom of the bottle. This is the active part of the drying lotion. If the sediment is mixed and dissolved into the rest of the liquid, it is diluted, less potent, and harder to apply until it settles once again at the bottom. After everything is settled at the bottom, application of the drying lotion can continue. A cotton swab is dipped into the bottom of the open bottle to reach the pink sediment. It is then dabbed directly onto the skin blemish, with the texture and consistency similar to clay. After that, it is left to dry completely and then rinsed off. The cotton swab application should not be rubbed in, used on broken skin, or used more than once. Preferably, this is best incorporated at the end of a nighttime or overnight routine. The drying lotion can take several hours to dry and harden completely on skin. Once dried, it can be safely rinsed off the following morning. It can also be used during the day, however, the pink dots left behind while the lotion dries are very noticeable. Applications of drying lotion can be used everyday on any skin affected by acne or whiteheads, it all depends on the amount of treatment that is deemed necessary. Once the acne or whiteheads are gone, do not continue to use the lotion on the affected area as it may dry out your skin. If you are familiar with using salicylic acid for breakouts, then is perfectly normal and expected for the pink dots to sting or feel like it’s a mild burn on the skin. The stinging sensation should only last about 15 seconds, due to the potent effects of salicylic acid on sensitive and inflamed skin. The other ingredients should then take effect to help soothe the skin.


There are many different brands to choose from when it comes to drying lotion. The minimum requirement for it to be called that is the combination of salicylic acid and zinc oxide. Most of the time though, there is the inclusion of camphor and sulfur to help with redness and swelling. Whether it’s from Amiré or Mario Badescu, they will all work similar to each other for your skin. Lastly, let’s examine the price points and ingredients between ours and the very popular Mario Badescu brand. Many of the ingredients are the same between brands, including the core lotion ingredients as well as isopropyl alcohol as the carrier liquid that will keep the pink sediment submerged. The main thing to look at though is the position of the ingredients listed. Salicylic Acid is one of the last ingredients listed in the Mario Badescu brand, meaning it has one of the lowest concentrations compared to all other ingredients. The Amiré brand drying lotion has it as the fifth ingredient, which means it is more potent in treating acne and whiteheads. While at similar price points, Amiré’s drying lotion is $1 cheaper and does come with complementary free shipping.
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