Over the last few years, the demand for hemp oil has grown and will continue to rise. Just walking down the street I'm sure you can find a few shops that sell it- gas stations, pharmacy chain stores, smoke shops you name it! There are even cafes with hemp-infused food products like coffee. For many years we have been cultivating cannabis plants for different reasons. Marijuana plants were grown for their medicinal use, while other cannabis plants were bred for other reasons that we will go over later. What Is Hemp Extract amire naturals oil 500 mg herbal drops made in usa extra strength 0% thc

What Is Hemp Extract?

Hemp extract can be found in a variety of different products such as beauty products and wellness supplements. This extract is an oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant. When made from industrial hemp, it does NOT contain tetrahydrocannabinol more commonly known as THC, the psychoactive ingredient that essentially gets you high. CBDOilDrops-Relax-Recharge

The Many Uses of Hemp

Hemp can be used to make a variety of different products. These same products can be found in our everyday lives! No other natural source is capable of being able to produce a significant amount of products like hemp.

Let's dive a little deeper into what hemp can be made into...

  • Food
    • Hemp seeds, hemp oil, flour and protiens, nutritional supplements, medicine, etc
  • Fiber
    • Textiles, paper,
  • Building material
    • Insulation, wall plaster, hemp "ceramic tile", animal bedding,

How to use Amire Cosmetics Hemp Extract Oil

Each bottle of our hemp oil contains 500mg.and each serving size is about 0.83mg. Which means you have at least 500 servings! Step 1. Shake well before each use Step 2. Make sure the dropper is filled with one full. One full dropper amount is considered one serving. Step 3. Ingesting hemp oil can be done in a few different ways. The first way is sublingual, this way allows the oil to absorb into your blood through the tissue there. Another way you can take this by adding it to your food or drink. For example, when making a smoothie you can put a full drop into it and blend! How To Use CBD Oil CBDOil-Relax-Recharge-Drops
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