How To Use A Body Scrub

How to Use a Body Scrub

Last week we talked about What is a Body Scrub. If you haven't already read that post make sure to check it out! Stepping into the shower, most of us have a few different products lined up for our hair and body. But does that mean we all have body scrubs? I would assume there is probably a good portion of you that don't. Using body scrubs as an added step to self-care routine is essential to having glowly soft skin. They are a great way to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin on your body. Body scrubs usually also have ingredients that help moisturize and nourish the skin. Not sure how to use a body scrub? Then you've clicked the right link! Let's go over step-by-step how to use body scrubs.

Before we get into it

What is a body scrub? A body scrub a skin care product that is used to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Scrubs are formulated to help with different skin conditions, just depending on what your skin needs. What does a body scrub do? Body scrubs remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of our skin, revealing healthy softer skin. Our body sheds thousands and thousands of skin cells every hour. Exfoliating and using a body scrub regularly will help your skin look vibrant as ever! Model in the shower with tea tree oil scrub on her shoulder.

Step one

There are a few steps that we need to do before we actually get to the body scrubs. First things first, when turning on your shower be sure to make the water warm. Even though hot showers feels soo good - relaxing your muscles, humid steam helping to release all of the extra junk in your body- they aren't exactly what they seem. I mean, who hasn't almost felt their skin burn because their shower was too hot?

Step two

After you make sure the water is adjusted at the right temperature, its time to get in! Once your body is damp, you can go ahead and use your normal soap to wash your body. Cleansing your body before helps you remove unwanted dirt, sweat and makeup off the surface of your skin.

Step three

Personally, I have a few different to choose from depending on how my skin feels and which scrub I think will help. For example, when my feet feel crusty and flakey my favorite scrub to use is a Tea Tree oil foot and body scrub. This scrub helps reduce effects of things like nail fungus, athletes foot etc. Again, choosing the right scrub will always depend on what your skin needs. If you have really dry skin, I would suggest a Coconut Oil scrub or Honey & Aloe Vera scrub Want to read more about Amire Cosmetics Tea Tree Oil Scrub? CLICK HERE

Step four

Once you have chosen the scrub of the day, you are just about ready to get scrubbin'! After you've rinsed off your body wash, I would suggest waiting a few minutes before you actually start using the body scrub. This is because it gives your skin a few extra minutes to open up more pores and sinuses to get your body ready. Now taking some in your hand and begin scrubbing in circular motions on the part of your body you want to exfoliate. Whenever I exfoliate I scrub my entire body! Usually starting with my arms and working my way down. You don't need to use a lot of pressure, just let the scrub do what it needs to do. This not only helps remove the top layer of dead skin, it can also boost circulation and is very hydrating. And before rinsing off, you can leave it on for a few extra minutes for exra hydration!

Step five

Earlier I mentioned that we should be using warm water when showering to avoid any extra damage that it can do to our skin. So when it's time to rinse, make sure you're still using warm water. Rinse thoroughly before stepping out . Then using your towel, gently pat dry your body completely.

Step 6

Now that our skin feels smooth and soft, it's time to apply a moisturizer. Even though your skin is moisturzed and newly exfoliated, I always recommend finishing with your favorite lotion or a body oil. Make sure you apply the moisturizer immediately after you finish drying yourself off. Your pores are still open and your skin is able to absorb moisture easier and faster. Models glowy legs holding Amire Cosmetics Tea Tree Oil Scrub

How often should I use a body scrub?

Just like anything else be patient because beautiful skin takes time and effort. So, how often should we actually exfoliate our bodies? Most health experts will say that exfoliating two to three times a week should do the trick. If you have more sensitive skin, you might want to do it a little less. Especially now that it's Fall and Winter is soon to come, all of our skin is begging for some moisture.
Can I use multiple scrubs?
Now what if you have multiple scrubs lying around, but they all do different things?? Well I always use different areas of my body. For example, a tea tree oil scrub is great for men and women and tour underappreciated feet! With powerful anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, Amire Cosmetics tea tree oil scrub can help reduce the effects of jock itch, nail fungus and more! And when my muscles are a bit sore after a workout, I can use our Arabica coffee scrub over those sore muscles. Using this scrub can help stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation. tea tree coconut coffee scrubs How to use a body scrub
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