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How To Use Moringa Oil

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As we spoke in our last blog Moringa Oil originates from the Moringa tree -- also known as the Tree of Life and Miracle Tree. The seeds when cold-pressed turns into a yellow oil, known as "benoil". The oil has natural preservatives making it stable and have a shelf life of five years! moringa-oil from amire cosmetics skincare skin care

Why it Stands Out in Beauty

Moringa has anti-inflammatory properties, packed with vitamins and other antioxidants that fight premature aging. It is lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin, which means it won't clog your pores. Applying moringa oil can help regulate the amount of oil your face produces. This oil is a great moisturizer for all hair and skin types.



amire uniq skin theory premium moringa oil organic anti aging benefits of for skin and hair buy Personally, I use moringa oil almost every day on my skin! Now that it's Spring and my winter dry skin isn't so dry, I use moringa oil mainly at night. It can be used in the morning and night, but I only do it at night. When my face is EXTRA dry, I make sure to put it on in the morning and at night. Even for oily skin moringa oil is a great product to use. It can help regulate the oil production from your face and it won't clog your pores. First, I will wash my face like normally using my face wash and exfoliator. After toning, serums, and moisturizer I will go in last with the moringa oil. Adding a few drops to my hands, warming it up by rubbing it together, then gently applying to face and neck. Once you add moringa oil to your beauty routine, your skin will look and feel hydrated, soft, and overall youthful.


Just like your skin, moringa oil is great to add to your hair care products. Moringa oil can be used in your hair similarly to argan oil. Sometimes I will apply a good amount into my hair and massage it onto my scalp. Moringa has a high level of behenic acid, a common ingredient in hair conditioners. So I will use it as a "prepoo", wait 2 hours to let it work its magic, then hop in the shower like normal. Another way you can use the oil is after you shower or on dry hair. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Apply it to dry dead ends to bring some moisture and life back, then work your way up. shop-now shop amire skincare skin care cosmetics scrubs
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