How To Use an Acne Drying Lotion

Amire has launched its new DRYING LOTION! Yes I said it Drying Lotion. Using ingredients like sulfur, and oxide gets those pimples away! Lets start off 2020 with no PIMPLES, and here's how...

Now lets get to how to use this AWESOME drying lotion.

Step 1:

Leave Drying Lotion Overnight...

When you receive your drying lotion, it may be shaken due to shipping... So please let this wonderful invention sit over night BEFORE use! Make sure that all the sediment is at the bottom and not mixed around... Acne-Drying-Lotion

Step 2:

Wash your face and apply your skin routine... But only put moisturizer around the areas you aren't putting the drying lotion on.

Wash your face with and face wash. Make sure you get all the dirt and oils off your skin before you place the drying lotion on! Then go ahead and start using your toner on your face, do your normal skin care routine, before applying your moisturizer... When applying the moisturizer do NOT place it on the area you are going top place the drying lotion!

Step 3:

Place a Q-Tip all the way inside the bottle TOUCHING the pink sediment.

Place a Q-Tip all the way into the bottom touching the sediment, the q-tip should be PINK. Then dab on the affected area! We do suggest on using the drying lotion during the night time so that the lotion can set into your skin and remove all the zits and acne! Person-Using-Drying-Lotion Drying-Lotion-on-Person

Step 4:

Leave the drying lotion over night... Then in the morning wash your beautiful face!

As you are leaving the drying lotion over night, wash your face in the morning and see those zits go AWAY! That's it! Those are the Easy 4 Steps to get you the clear skin you are LOOKING FOR! This drying lotion is fast acting and WORKS! So what's stopping you from buying one today! pimples-before-and-after-acne-using-drying-lotion How to use an Acne Drying Lotion
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