Is There A Difference Between Male and Female Skin?

man-and-woman-wearing-mask-and-cucumbers Men’s skin – is it different than their counter parts? Should the skincare products men and women use be different? Why do brands create “men’s skincare” line? So much of skincare is universal, it is not based on gender but the problems your skin has. Whether you are male or female and have sensitive skin, both parties can essentially use the same products. Now, that doesn’t mean every “sensitive skin” product will work for both, results may still vary. No matter what skin type you have or the problems your skin has, it important to keep your skin hydrated and protected. man and woman applying skincare

Is there a difference between male and female skin?

There are differences between male and female skin, this is mostly due to hormones. Testosterone is a hormone that men and women both have, but men produce about 20 times the amount that women produce. This contributes to the main difference between the gender’s skin. Having more testosterone causes men to have thicker skin, about 30% thicker, and produce more sebum, the oily secretion that comes out of your pores.

Difference in Facial Wrinkles

A study published in 2012 compared 173 Japanese men and women and their gender-dependency in their degree of facial wrinkle. Photographs were taken from different angle to get different facial regions and classified into 5 grades. The data was compared between the genders and then compared within the different age group. From this study, it was found that there is some gender-dependency differences in their facial wrinkles. Men tend to have more severe wrinkles than women, except when they reached the oldest age group (65-75). male-vs-female-skin
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