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Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. and that usually means that the annual gift-buying process for all your loved ones is around the corner. Don’t know what to get everyone? Fear not, we have the perfect skincare gifts for their skin types and interests. When buying gifts for other people, it can be daunting to try to figure out what they will like, enjoy, and get some use out of. Gifts in skincare may be especially intimidating because everyone has such specific needs. Thankfully, our products are formulated to target a variety of different skin concerns and made with ingredients that are natural and gentle enough to minimize any chance of irritation or other skin reactions. Read ahead to find out what skincare products work best with the skin types of all your loved ones and why they would make the best Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. After all, the gift of self-care and attention may just be one of the best there is. Moisturizing When in doubt, look for moisturizing properties in a skincare product. These types of products are fair game for everyone. The wintertime is more than an appropriate time to use moisturizers all over your body as it is usually the time of the year where skin tends to be at its driest. Therefore, almost everyone will find a use for one of these products in one way or another. Argan Oil Argan Oil - $19.99 One of the king moisturizers of the natural world. It can be used in a variety of different ways and pretty much everywhere. Its acidic properties help protect from the aging process by depositing nutrients into any fine-lined and wrinkled skin. It can also be used on the hair to deliver protection against heat damage and give it a beautiful shine. buy now Moringa oil Moringa Oil - $29.99 Another king moisturizer of the natural world, except this one is a little different. Moringa seeds themselves are packed with antioxidants, giving them the title of “superfood”. This is optimal in the cancellation of free radicals during anti-aging. It is a slightly thicker oil that can be applied to many places: face, body, hair. buy now Coconut Milk Scrub Coconut Milk Body Scrub - $14.49 I know what you’re thinking, a scrub? Coconut milk is a product with strong moisturizing and protecting properties that is light enough to be easily absorbed by the body. This product will gently exfoliate the driest layers of your skin, to reveal new and soft ones. The coconut milk is an added bonus to lock in that moisture. buy now Brightening Although less common than dry skin, dull skin is another issue that many can relate to and it is also brought on by lack of sun exposure. Brightening products help to bring color to the skin and fade any sun spots or hyperpigmentation to leave the skin looking alive and clear. Even if dull skin isn’t a problem, the anti-aging properties of brightening products can be used on any type of skin. DRYING LOTION BLEMISH TREATMENT AMIRE COSMETICS Vitamin C Serum - $12.99 Vitamin C is an ingredient best known for its ability to specifically brighten the skin. Apart from that, it is an anti-aging, moisturizing, and smoothing agent. Our very own serum is loaded with 30% of this stuff, a lot more than many brands out there. It also has ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. All these ingredients work together to create soft, supple skin. buy now Dragon Fruit Body Polish - $19.99 Our Dragon Fruit Body Polish may look and work just like a scrub, but its effects are slightly different, as its name suggests. Unlike our scrubs, it leaves a slight sheen on the skin after exfoliation that adds an all day, glowy effect to the skin, pairing perfectly for those upcoming springtime dresses and tops next year. buy now Coconut Milk Scrub Coconut Milk Body Scrub - $14.49 Our coconut scrub’s gentle feel and texture is strong enough to buff away just the top driest layer of your skin. Since it is formulated with coconut milk, argan oil, and shea butter, these ingredients penetrate deep into the skin’s surface and tend to heal any pesky spots or hyperpigmentation. buy now Anti-Aging The best anti-aging advice out there? Start taking care of your skin early and prevent aging. Of course, skin aging is a normal and beautiful process that everyone will have to deal with at some point, but there’s nothing wrong with putting effort into your routine to help stall it for a little while longer. Our anti-aging products are loaded with the ingredients and properties that your skin tends to lose or hold on to less over time. Moringa oil Moringa Oil - $29.99 This oil is thin and comfortable enough to be applied on the skin and hair. Made with pure, 100% moringa, this oil is ideal for every skin type. It gets its anti-aging properties from its richness in antioxidants. These molecules help to cancel free radicals in the skin that cause aging over time. Used for thousands of years for a variety of reasons, this oil is truly versatile. buy now Derma roller kit Derma Roller Kit - $20.97 Our derma roller kit is like the two best friends you could’ve asked for glowing, rejuvenated skin. Our derma roller is a roller with micro-sized titanium needles that once rolled on the skin, create tiny tears in it that aid in the production of collagen. This tool is especially helpful for deep wrinkles or scars but anyone can use it prevent aging! Our Vitamin C Serum is applied right after and this directly deposits the benefits of the serum into the skin for maximum absorption. The serum also helps with hydration, brightening, and anti-aging. buy now Arabica Coffee Scrub - $14.49 Cellulite is a normal by-product of aging for many women and men as our body tends to slow down and decrease in circulation. Coffee is one of nature’s products that works to combat this by stimulating blood flow and waking it up. Applied on the skin, it brings it to the surface and helps deliver much needed oxygen to all parts of your body and temporarily reduce the visual signs of cellulite. buy now Acne Control Few skin problems are less pesky than acne, but luckily with the right kind of products and ingredients, it can be reduced significantly. It can affect all kinds of skin types and textures so it is a good thing that our products cater to them all. Always natural, your skin will not feel irritated, even for such a sensitive condition. Tea tree oil scrub Tea Tree Oil Scrub - $14.49 As a natural anti-septic, tea tree oil can be used to treat infections and dead skin that like to show up on the body. A little too harsh for the face, this gentle scrub is perfect for the body in the treatment of body acne and infections. Perfect for places like the hands and feet as well as jointed areas, this scrub reduces calluses, decreases inflammation, and gives the skin a soothing and tingling sensation. buy now Drying Lotion - $14.97 Our drying lotion is the perfect product for spot treating acne. Loaded with salicylic acid, sulfur, and zinc oxide this product is fairly strong so it is best for occasional situations to place on a breakout or two. This lotion works to reduce the size of and ultimately dry out any pesky pimples so that they go away much faster. buy now Champagne Oxygenated Bubble Mask Sparkling Champagne Bubble Mask - $19.99 Formulated with real oxygen pumped directly into the bottle, our champagne bubble mask uses a pressurized oxygenation process to clean out your pores. Once the mask touches your skin, it starts a reaction that produce bubbles that lift any trapped dirt and oil out of your pores. The results are visibly brighter and clearer skin, not to mention how fun it is to use it! buy now
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