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Skin Care Tips for Men

It looks like Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching for all the men, women, and non-binary friends. As all the flowers, red hearts, and delicious sweets leave the store shelves, what better gift to give your significant other than the gift of skin care. And no, we aren’t talking about the $3 bundle of hair products and skin cleansers you can find as a last-minute gift.

While all our products would suit well as a gift, we will be focusing on men’s skincare. This includes tips on how to improve your daily skincare routine, as well as some good starting points on products. One good starting point for anyone getting into skincare would be our Honey Aloe Scrub, good for your body and face.

Men's Skincare

Regardless of your expertise and knowledge, skincare is made for everyone, including men.

Most people have some sort of skincare routine to work with, which even includes the bare minimum of washing your face regularly with soap and water. A good starting point for anyone getting into skincare is to start slow by finding what skin type they have and a good, gentle skin cleanser for your face. More information on those can be found here.

Advertising and marketing in the modern age has conditioned us to think that skincare is a feminine activity, and thus the rise of ‘For Men’ products in stores. While this does have merit for things such as facial hair maintenance, the ‘For Men’ labels are entirely superfluous when it comes to skincare. What products work well any person’s skin aren’t determined by gender, but rather a complex interaction of genetics and skin maintenance.

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Tips for Your Skin and Facial Hair

The only real notable differences between men’s and women’s skin are that men’s skin is a bit thicker and is more prone to grow longer and thicker facial hair. This thicker skin is most likely the reason why guys can sometimes have clear skin when using soap and body wash. Not all men have this luxury, however, so employing good skincare practices is always recommended.

Men’s hair is typically coarser, thicker, and faster growing than women, especially for facial hair. For some men, this means that regular shaving is required as part of their general care and appearance. However, shaving that is more frequent and closer to the skin is significantly more likely to lead to scarring and clogged pores.

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A most straightforward fix for skin blemishes caused by improper shaving is to use clean and sharp razors and clippers, which will help in prevent issues from shaving in the future. For treatment, regular exfoliation of the skin will help to remove dead skin and oils from clogged pores. This exfoliation should be limited to 1-2 times a week.

For individuals who regularly sport beards and other types of facial hair, exfoliation and moisturizing should be the top priorities. Pores are very likely to get clogged by ingrown and trimmed hairs, which can lead to a form of Strawberry Skin. Dry skin and dandruff are also more likely to be present with beards, so moisturizing both your beard and the skin beneath will help in treating that.

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