Skincare Tips in Your 20s

As we continue this series of skincare tips in your ____, each week we are going to dive into skincare for the next 10 years. This week we are talking about skincare in your 20s. If you are reading this and you are in your 20s, DON'T CLICK AWAY!

Skin from Teens to 20s

Older adults will tell you that your teens can be a difficult time, but what they didn’t tell you is that your 20s can be even harder. Whether you are in your early 20s just starting out learning “adulting” or you are in your late 20s feeling like you need to have your entire life together. No matter what stage you are in, we understand that your 20s are a time of experimentation, fun and sleeping in your makeup way too often! Your 20s can be literally the worse and best years of your life. Along with all the new responsibilities you now have as an adult, your skin will begin to change too. Although ageing is inevitable, how we age is dependent on different factors such as stress, diet, and health. How you dealt with your skin issues as a teen, will no longer cut it with present skin issues.

The Best Skin Care Is Preventative Care

Not so fun fact: around the age of 25 your body’s natural collagen and elastin production drops significantly. The best type of skin care for this age group is preventative skincare. Look for products with ingredients such as collagen and retinol. Fine lines, wrinkles and puffy under-eyes give away signs of ageing. Introducing products early into your routine can work wonders. Girls-in-their-20s

Skin Care Tips for Your 20s

1. Take Care of Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, protect it. Always be sure to use SPF because prolonged sun exposure can cause wrinkling. If you already have small bags and puffiness, we suggest investing in an undereye cream.
2. Start to Include Anti-Aging Products
Start including retinol into your skin care routine sparingly. Retinol boosts collagen that helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Another product you can start to include in your skincare routine is vitamin c! It is the most common antioxidant in the skin and can help slow down the aging process. Including a vitamin c serum into your daily skincare can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while tightening the skin.
3. Get Regular Facials
At this age, your skin starts to lose its elasticity. Prolonged sun exposure, adult acne and oily skin can cause you to have large pores. Getting regular facials, whether that is at the spa with a certified esthetician or at home with your dead sea mud mask. girls-wearing-mud-masks

Don't forget to tune in for our next blog in this series! We are diving into skin care tips for your 30s.

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