The Best Body Scrubs for Stretch Marks

The BEST Body Scrub to Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are something we can't always avoid. They are streak-like scars that often appear on the hips, butt, breast, arms- really anywhere! Stretch marks are a common concern especially among women because sometimes they can be very noticeable. It is not painful but can be caused due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, or puberty. As the skin stretches, sometimes the collagen and elastin fiber can tear. Although not physically painful, it can cause problems with self-image because of the way the skin looks. FUN FACT: Over 50 percent of women get stretch marks due to pregnancy!


Mother-with-Stretch-Marks Just as we all look different, so do our stretch marks. Some people say their stretch marks are itchy, but most don't complain. Depending on what caused them, where they are on your body, and your skin type, stretch marks can look similar to the following:
  • Depending on your skin tone, streaks can appear to look white, pink, reddish-brown, purple, or dark brown.
  • Streaks that cover a large area of the body (i.e butt, hips, and thighs)
Diagnosis can be easily done by a simple examination of the skin. A physician will ask for medical history and any symptoms you may have, but I think anyone can easily self- diagnose.

Risk Factors

As mentioned before, anyone can develop stretch marks but there are a number of risk factors that can be linked to developing them. Some factors can include:
  • chronic disease
  • being female
  • being pregnant, especially for younger women
  • rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • family history of having stretch marks
  • weight training and there is rapid muscle growth

How can I prevent stretch marks?

Cartoon graphic of a black woman with stretch marks. Next to her states "Everybody is a bikini body" Stretch marks aren't always preventable. However, there may be some ways that we can try to reduce the risk:
  • Aim to gradually gain weight during pregnancy
  • Avoid trying to drastically gain or lose weight in a short period of time
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight
Even when trying to prevent it, stretch marks can STILL happen. Just love your body no matter because you are beautiful!

What if I already have stretch marks?

Like any treatment, it takes time to see results. Our skin is our largest organ in the body, so we need to make sure we take care of it. Our skin can absorb 60-80% of what comes into contact with it. So always be patient and make sure you find the right treatment for you. But the best treatment that I've found is by using body scrubs, specifically a coffee body scrub! The caffeine in the coffee helps stimulate blood flow and circulation which helps bring nutrients to the surface of your skin.

Why our ingredients work

All natural ingredients of Amire Arabica Coffee Scrub Many of us rely on coffee every morning to get us going. Coffee body scrubs can do something very similar to our body! The skin can benefit from coffee by topical application. It's antioxidants help fight free radicals that can lead to skin damage. Amire Cosmetics Arabica Coffee Scrub uses all natural ingredients to help protect, moisturize and revitalize your skin! Formulated with arabica coffee beans that not only help with stretch marks, but with other skin conditions such as premature aging, sun spots and fine lines! Pure dead sea salt from the ocean in Jordan which helps with hydrating, cleansing and disinfecting the skin. Argan oil and shea butter work together to help moisturize the skin and restore elasticity.

How to use a coffee scrub to fade stretch marks

Step 1: Let's be real. If I am about to rub coffee all over my body, I am going to need to have a cup for myself! So I love turning on my Keurig, brewing a nice cup of coffee and starting my self-care outside of the shower Step 2: Once it's time to get actually get in the shower, be sure that the water is not scorching hot! Even though it feels sooo good, it's actually not good for your skin. Be sure to use warm water and continue with your normal body wash routine. Step 3: Once you've finished your body wash routine, you can turn off the water because it's time to scrub.. and we're trying to help save the Earth! Taking a small scoop of the coffee scrub in your hand, begin by scrubing in circular motions on any spot that has stretch marks. Personally, I have the most stretch marks on my butt, hips and breast. Although I will use the scrub all over my body, I will spend a little more time scrubbing those problem areas. Step 4: Before you rinse off all the goodness, I always recommend keeping the scrub on for 5-10 minutes after you finish exfoliating. This allows your body to get the most caffeine! Leave on on while you wash your hair or your face. And after a few minutes, you're good to rinse off. Step 5: Always, always, always moisturize after you shower! Even though the Arabica Coffee Scrub is very moisturizing, you should always lock in the moisture by finishing with some lotion, a body cream or a body oil. I actually love finishing with a lotion and a body oil because I am EXTRA. My favorite lotion is one with shea or cocoa butter. Step 6: And as much as we all would love for our stretch marks to disappear after one treatment, it doesn't work out that way. Again, if you're wanting to see results you're going to need a bit of patience. By adding this to your routine a few times a week you are more likely to see results quicker than if you were to scrub a few times a month. Pregnant woman with smile face drawn in lotion
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