the best scrub of 2020 coffee scrub by amire cosmetics

The Best Exfoliating Coffee Scrub of 2020

The Ultimate Body & Booty Scrub

Every year has a new and improved skincare routine. This year we saw coffee scrubs start to climb to the top. Besides having a great scent coffee scrubs are well known to help your skin and even target areas like your glutes. Amire-Coffee-Scrub-Exxfoliate-Your-Skin Love-Your-Skin-Hydrate-Your-Skin

The Benefits of a Coffee Scrub

Let’s start with the key ingredient, caffeine. Just like when your ingest caffeine and get that perk up, your skin behaves the same way. When applied to the skin to exfoliate, caffeine stimulates blood flow. This blood flow helps rejuvenate your skin by producing more collagen. In addition, this increased blood circulation helps your skin become firmer, and toned. This helps with cellulite and stretch marks, great for any booty! Coffee also helps reduce inflammation. This is because coffee contains polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid which can help reduce inflammation. However, at Amire Cosmetics our coffee scrub is also paired with real argan oil and shea butter. So even while exfoliating our skin gets moisturized. This is essential in any skin routine. Moisturizing not only prevents dry skin, but helps with stretch marks and acne. coffee scrub amire cosmetics

How to use the Coffee Scrub

This scrub is best used in the shower. That way you can easily wash everything away. A good rule of thumb for any exfoliating scrub is to give your skin a regular wash to get any top excess oils. This helps the scrub exfoliate better.
  1. After you have rinsed your skin, make sure it is still damp. Apply the scrub all over your body, or to target areas.
  2. Rub the scrub in circular motions to get the best use and stimulate blood flow.
  3. Rinse the scrub off.
  4. Pat yourself dry, do not rub.
  5. Apply a moisturizer to lock in the moisture of our scrub.
One thing to note is that you should never over exfoliate. Doing this too often can actually strip your skin of protective oils. At most you should exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Applying-Amire-Coffee-Scrub-Onto-Body
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