self care rituals for 2021

Tips for Ringing in the New Year with Self-Care

We did it! 2020 is almost over and it has truly been like no other year before. Whether your year was filled with more downs than ups or the other way around, we can all agree that we’ve grown in ways that may have never been possible, had it not been for the circumstances we experienced. As we look forward to 2021, we can only hope and work towards a brighter future. Keep reading to learn about our five must-do, self-care activities for the new year. Internet Detox It seems like the internet was the life saver of 2020. Our normally scheduled work, class, and event times could be easily moved to Zoom in the click of a button. For that reason, many of us may be absolutely burnt out by looking at screens all the time. As much good that the internet brought us (connecting with people, entertaining us, doing our work for us) it could also bring a lot of bad things such as decreased exercise, screen fatigue, social media comparisons, FOMO, etc. Although it’s a little impossible for most people to completely switch off, fewer hours spent on a phone or computer can do wonders like increasing mindfulness, getting better sleep, and feeling less anxious or depressed. Continue or Start your Health Journey It’s not uncommon to hear of people who took the quarantine time to exercise, sleep more, or cook healthier recipes at home. Kudos to you, let’s keep it going in the new year! But for those who only did one of these things or none of them, that’s okay too. Sometimes the will, time, or money isn’t there, and it’s fine, but doing one small thing a day that will bring you closer to a healthy body can do wonders. For example, you can walk double the distance you normally would around the house or you can choose to cut out just one ingredient in your diet that isn’t very good for you. exercise and yoga healthy food and diet good sleep Practice Mindfulness We live in a world where distraction is all around us and keeping us from doing things that truly matter. Distractions are supposed to keep us anywhere but where we’re supposed to be, the present. It can breed procrastination, laziness, and can keep us from growing, maturing, and evolving. Instead of dealing with things head-on, we put them off and after a while this can create extra stress and anxiety that no one asked for. Mindfulness can be practiced by setting an intention with every action, whether it be to learn something new or do nothing at all. With these actions, you will be sure that you are living a life of meaning, whatever that is for you. Go Out and Do Stuff (Seriously) Although the number of new places we can visit has been severely limited the past few months, there’s still several things we can do to get out there. Go on a road trip or enjoy a staycation in your city. If you live close to the beach or the snow, try a new activity like paddle-boarding or skiing. Just doing something new (and socially distant) in your own city can make you feel like a tourist enough to temporarily cure your wanderlust. There are many places in nature that are still open and safe enough to visit, not to mention the benefits they have on your mental health. Being in nature is known to reduce stress, depression, and makes you feel more energized. Hello instant serotonin! Let Go of Things that Don’t Serve You. If you are feeling excessively drained constantly, without a good reason for it, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the actions you are taking and figure out if they are worth it or not. Toxicity may present itself in a number of scenarios, from locations to people. Some hard things are worth fighting for, but there is a line between hard things that pay off for you and hard things that do not serve you. In the coming new year, it is a great time to reflect on the things that may deplete you of your energy and toss them out if it’s not worth dealing with them. self care habits No matter what happens, self-care happens when you put energy into things that make you feel good and place yourself first. How do you expect to be your true self for someone else if you can’t do it for your own good?
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