Dragon Fruit Jelly Exfoliating Body Scrub Polish


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Brand: Amire Cosmetics

Dragon Fruit Body Scrub Polish

Amire’s NEW dragon fruit exfoliating body polish is our FIRST of it’s kind in our family. This formula is different from the rest because of it’s jelly texture. All the ingredients were carefully selected to create a gentle exfoliant that will leave your skin GLOWIN!¬†



  • Helps slough off dull and dead skin
  • Helps to even out skin texture¬†
  • Moisturizes and brightens
 About Amiré

At Amire, we’re determined to bring men and women around the world reliable skin care products made using powerful nutrients and natural ingredients that they can use with confidence. Our products are rich in Dead Sea minerals, Vitamins, Nutrients and Natural Ingredients that help fight premature aging, skin conditions, acne outbreaks and so much more without tiring or dulling out your skin and bring out your natural beauty.         


Benefits from Dragon Fruit


  • Loaded with vitamin B3 that helps soothe skin¬†
  • Helps reduce acne with it’s antioxidant properties
  • The vitamin C in dragon fruit helps protect the skin against dullness, revealing a polished look.¬†
  • Can help fight against premature ageing caused by free radicals, poor lifestyle, lack of sleep and more.¬†
  • Dragon fruit is about 80% water and is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, thus making it a natural moisturizer¬†

Benefits from Jojoba Seeds


  • naturally designed to protect and preserve
  • helps retain moisture and soothes skin
  • rich in vitamins E and B, increasing skins suppleness by promoting collagen growth
  • ¬†helps control excessive oil by preventing confitions caused by clogged pores
  • gentle exfoliant
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