Premium Hemp Extract Oil – 500MG CBD Oil Tincture for Humans – 1oz Dropper Bottle

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500MG Premium CBD Oil  Tincture for Humans – 1 ounce dropper bottle  (MPN:ECB-1oz-HOP)



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Premium CBD Oil Tincture – 500MG 

1oz dropper bottle with 30 droppers full of goodness.  This 500mg CBD oil is extracted  from American grown hemp.  Made in the USA with great quality control.  Third party tested!

Potent, Effective & Safe – The Hemp Oil You Always Needed!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind, a diet is only going to go so far.

If you want to maintain a sharp mind and a healthy body that looks and feels young, then you’ll love our premium hemp oil.

Amire Naturals hemp oil doesn’t just provide a temporary relief from pain and anxiety, it helps improve your quality of life so that you can stay active, feel healthy again. Each bottle contains 500mg of pure hemp oil that’s rich in vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids that help the body relief pain.

Improves Sleep Quality

Hemp oil acts as powerful sleeping aid and a mood stabilizer to help prep your body to sleep or relax. It can even help reduce the effects of insomnia so that you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

Helps in Pain Relief

Thanks to its anti-inflammation properties hemp oil can help provide effective pain relief for arthritis and migraines. It also helps strengthening the immune system.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Hemp oil contains gamma-linolenic acid which helps regulate hormonal balance while also helping calm the body. This helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and promoting better sleep along with a more focused mind.

         Can Be Used in Food & Drinks

Although sublingual administration is the best method to take hemp oil, this tincture can also be used in your food and drinks.         

All Natural & Pure For Maximum Effectiveness

Amiré Naturals hemp oil is carefully extracted and formulated to optimize the absorption and the effectiveness of this potent plant. By using all the parts of the plant, we enrich our hemp oil with all of its amazing benefits to provide you with hemp extract oil that is just as potent as it is pure. Our blend is also un-flavored to allow it to be used in food and drinks.

Our hemp seed extract oil is completely free from harsh chemicals, toxins, flavors, dyes, preservatives or fillers to provide you with a dose of hemp oil that is both potent and pure. It’s Sustainable, Vegan, and Gluten Free making it the ideal choice for anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Improve Sleep
  • Promote Cardiovascular Health
  • Soothe stiffness
  • Calm strained muscles

Better Health For A Happy Life

We use only the highest quality ingredients to create the purest and most effective formula that provides you with a wide variety of benefits. Every bottle contains all-natural ingredients that are carefully selected to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Relieve Pain and lower inflammation
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Support mood stabilization
  • Boost metabolism
  • Support weight loss
  • Relieve Nausea
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