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Skincare Myths Debunked by Experts

With the beauty community constantly coming out with new skin-care products, old methods and skincare advice that our parents taught us may no longer serve purpose. 

Skincare Myth #1

It was once belived that darker-skinned people do not need to wear sunscreen because they do not burn. However, this is not true at all. People with light skin are more likely to get sun burnned a lot faster, but that there is good reason for it. When the skin absorbed the UV rays, this causes the skin to tan. This tan is caused by melanocytes, the cells that make the brown pigment called melanin, increasing their activity. Melanin helps block out UV rays, which is why darker skin is less likely to get sunburn or sunburns a lot slower.


Skincare Myth #2

For all of your chocolate lovers, I’m sure you heard that eating too much will cause acne. The science behind this claim, doesn’t fully support it. However, there is a connection between the food you eat and acne. It is said that the dairy and sugar causes flutuations in blood sugar and hormones, which can cause acne. Bottom line, chocolate doesn’t directly cause acne, but the ingredients used to make it can. 


Skincare Myth #3

Wearing makeup everyday will not make you age quicker because most cosmetic products protect your skin from the sun. What will cause you to age faster is more dependant on your genetics, lifestyle and diet choices throughout your life. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is best not only for your skin, but overall health. 

Skincare Myth #4

The next skincare myth is that we’re going to dive into is about washing your face. Do we need to wash our face everyday? Do I need to wash it twice a day? Is men’s skin excluded? Acne being a result of not washig your face is both true and false. It is both true and false because not washing your face doesn’t directly cause acne, but the build up of oil and dirt overtime WILL cause acne. Washing your face twice a day will slought off any dirt and oil from that day or get your face ready for the day. 

Skincare Myth #5

Many of us probably dont remember getting your first pimple, but I’m sure you remember how you tried getting rid of it — TOOTHPASTE! Toothpaste for many years was known as a at-home rememdy for acne. Although the menthol helps soothe th blemish, it doesn’t actually make it go away. Toothpaste is made for your teeth and they aren’t as sensitive as your skin is. Some ingredients in your toothpaste could actually make it worse. One of the best remedies for acne is using a drying lotion. Drying lotions have ingriedients specific to drying out acne.