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Thanksgiving Skincare Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here. With the stress of traveling, cleaning, cooking also comes family, friends, and (of course, my favorite thing) food. With all the wonderful stuff Thanksgiving brings, we cannot forget to take care of our skin to keep it clear and healthy. This fall weather is already bringing cold, dry air, so our skin cannot handle the strain of stress, travel, and overindulging in heavy foods without our help. Here are some skincare tips and remedies to help soothe Thanksgiving 2020 holiday’s aftermath and ensure your skin stays clear, happy, and healthy.

young woman smiling and holding glass of water to drink


Hydrating prior to a Thanksgiving dinner is is extremely important, especially if you plan on consuming foods and drinks that are high in sodium or sugar. To put it so many words, if you plan on enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, please drink plenty of water that day (preferably the day before as well) before you eat.

The excess amounts of sodium and sugar affect your skin in different ways. The sodium can dehydrate your skin causing your body to retain water and making your skin appear puffy in areas. By drinking water, your body will have an excess amount of water to draw from to combat the sodium; therefore, it won’t need to retain water. On the other hand, an excess of sugar breaks down collagen production and promotes acne and other skin conditions. Less collagen results in your skin elasticity breaking down, which promotes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Water does the opposite and promotes the production of collagen, so it combats these affects. Although water will not completely prevent these issues, it will help maintain proper skin health while you enjoy your holiday.

family of grandparents parents and kids walking through forest field holding hands for evening walk


I know exercising on Thanksgiving 2020 is a lot to ask. Thanksgiving is stressful enough without forcing yourself to fit in time to exercise, but a little cardio can go a lot way on Turkey day.

Even if it’s just a half hour, we suggest you do some form of cardio the day of Thanksgiving to stimulate your metabolism to help your body burn the calories you eat that day. If cardio is too much before you eat, you should definitely stretch or go for a walk after you eat. Don’t let that turkey give you a food coma. Studies have shown that light exercising after a large meal can help improve digestion and helps balance blood sugar levels. A poor functioning digestive system may cause your body to absorb toxins, which can lead to acne and effects from other skin conditions. Not to mention, no one likes feeling bloated. Go for that walk.


Thanksgiving dinner plate with turkey cranberries green beans and corn


Most Thanksgiving foods do more to hurt, than help you skin. But there are some foods that will provide benefits to your skin if eaten in moderation. Here are our favorites:

Turkey is a great source of zinc, and the dark meat provides twice as much. Zinc helps protein production that is essential for producing collagen for younger looking skin.

Cranberries are rich in antioxidants that helps protect your skin from free radical. Free radicals break down skin collagen resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, other signs of aging.

Green beans are also a great source of another antioxidant, vitamin C. If you ever needed an excuse to load up on those green beans, here you go. Vitamin C will promote collagen production and other anti-aging properties.

Pumpkin great source of vitamin C and niacin and folate and carotenoids are antioxidants that help improve skin texture and prevent UV damage. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc that fight acne, promote skin renewal, and increase collagen. Niacin treats acne and improves circulation. Oflate helps improve circulation that helps skin renewal that reduces dark spots and acne scars.

Apple is full of vitamin C, that helps increase collagen production and copper increases melanin that protects your skin from UV rays.

two young woman with cucumbers on their eyes doing cold compress


After Thanksgiving, it is pretty standard that you may notice your face is swelling and eyes are puffing. If you didn’t limit your sodium intake or didn’t drink enough water, your body may retain water. But, don’t worry we have what you need to combat this. First, you should try lymphatic massages. You can use a facial brush, jade or ice roller, or simply your fingertips to massage the nodes in your face. This massage promotes circulation of fluid that soothes the swelling in your face and around your eyes.

Another way to reduce facial swelling is to utilize cold compresses on your face and over your eyes. The ice reduces swelling by constricting the blood vessels. We suggest you only leave your cold compresses on your eyes for a few minutes. Cold objects like ice or cold compresses can damage skin if placed on skin for long period, which will result in hurting your skin more than helping.

woman apply cream on her face for night routine in towel and robe


It’s easy to get caught up in the holidays, eat too much food, have one too many glasses of wine, and want to dive into bed. However, we urge you to follow your normal skin routine. Take your makeup off at the end of the night and wash your face. Your skin will have gone through enough will all the food, sweets, and alcohol you may indulge in, so help it by washing all the grim from the day.

When choosing skincare products to use that night or next day, choose products with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as, caffeine-infused, coffee, green tea, vitamin E. These will help tighten your skin, help fight acne, and reduce facial swelling.

Another thing we suggest to do, is sleep well and with an elevated pillow. A lack of sleep can hinder collagen production and affect your skin’s hydration and texture. To prevent this, go to sleep early or at the very least allow yourself some time to sleep in. Furthermore, using an elevated pillow will drain fluids from your face, helping prevent next day puffiness in your face.

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