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The Best Exfoliating Coffee Scrub in 2020

Get Your Skin Ready For Summer

This year is all about skincare. Let’s get to talking about how the Amire Arabica Coffee Scrub can HYDRATE and EXFOLIATE your skin! Because lets all admit it, when it comes to summer time, we are NOT ready yet! 

Arabica Coffee Scrub

This amazing Coffee Scrub not only has coffee beans BUT is also has Argan Oil, Shea Butter, AND Dead Sea Salt! With just those three being the main ingredients, has our clients wanting more! Because this scrub is formulated with Arabica Coffee Beans and Dead Sea salt, the scrub helps with reducing irritation and inflammation.  

Let’s admit it, we have those stubborn stretch marks, or even cellulite that we want to get rid of. This Scrub HELPS get rid of EVERYTHING. The caffeine in the scrub is known to stimulate blood flow, which is how those stubborn stretch marks and cellulite scars go away!

When choosing a scrub you should choose one that helps your skin. Lett’s admit it there are some scrubs out there that only harm our skin instead of getting the help our skin needs.



with the Arabica Coffee Scrub!

Now that we know all the cool facts about this scrub lets talk about…

How To Use It:

Step 1

The scrub is really simple to use, you’ll want to use it every shower you are in! So step 1 is quite simple. Just open the jar, and smell the amazing coffee beans right away! 

Step 2

After you smell the amazing scrub, and all its deliciousness. Grab a handful of the scrub and start applying it all over the body! Now when you are applying the scrub to your body, be mindful that it is messy. So you’ll want to stay in the shower or tub!

Step 3

Staying in the tub or shower, start washing off the scrub off your body. Then instantly feel how your skin is so SOFT and HYDRATED after just one use! Now, after you have finished drying yourself  off, we suggest applying a lotion or cream, just to keep your skin happy and hydrated.

You’ve now learned whats in our scrubs, and how to use it. 

Go grab some of your closest gal pals and start loving your skin today!