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5 Delightful Holiday Stocking Stuffers

The holiday season is well underway as everyone looks for gifts to give and share with friends and family. Whether you’ve already placed and done all your holiday shopping, just started shopping, or are waiting until the very last minute, what better gift to give during these cold winter months than the gift of good health. These Amire favorites will be sure to be a great stocking stuffer for healthy and rejuvenated skin that will be radiant once spring comes around.

Honey & Aloe Vera

amire lifestyle honey aloe vera scrub beauty skincare Our Honey & Aloe Vera body scrub provides a soft, but deep exfoliation that is great for sensitive skin. The key ingredients are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, while providing and retaining much needed moisture for your skin while minimizing skin irritation. This is due to the humectant properties found in honey, which allow it to draw in moisture from the environment and into the skin. Aloe vera gel has similar humectant properties to honey but is also works well with dry skin as it seals moisture into the skin.

Coffee-Infused Scrub

This coffee-infused body scrub will moisturize and exfoliate your body. The combination of argan oil and shea butter will keep your skin hydrated, while the caffeine in the Arabica Coffee will tighten skin and reduce cellulite. Coffee actually has additional benefits when applied topically, such as calming effects from the antioxidants, decrease the appearance of sun spots and redness, and helps with acne due to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. lifestyle amire 2021 labels body scrubs esstential oils-01

Argan Oil

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Previous Next Moroccan Argan Oil can be used for your hair, face, body, and nails. 100% Pure & Certified Organic, this oil helps lock in moisture allowing your hair to be stronger and will help fight acne, dark spots, and fine lines for your skin. Its naturally anti-bacterial and antifungal properties help with many topical skin conditions as well as promote skin healing, while the antioxidants will help fight against the effects of aging.

Green Tea

amire lifestyle green tea scrub beauty skincare The Green Tea Extract in this scrub reduces redness and irritation and is great for all skin types. High in antioxidants, it will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing a deep, but gentle exfoliation for your body. Green Tea also contains several vitamins that work to nourish the skin when applied, such as Vitamins E and C, which both promote the production of collagen and skin healing.

Dragon Fruit

While it looks delicious, this sweet-smelling dragon fruit body polish is not meant to be eaten and is best used on your skin. It is a soft jelly scrub packed with antioxidants to promote collagen growth and has environmentally friendly jojoba seeds to give that dragon fruit appearance. These seeds will also naturally decompose, unlike the synthetic plastic beads used by other brands. Antioxidants and Vitamins A and C will help fight against skin damage caused by aging and will help stimulate the production of collagen to help repair skin. amire lifestyle dragon fruit scrub beauty skincare

Cheers for the Holidays!

If you are just getting into regular skincare or want to show your love and appreciation to someone this holiday season, all these products would be a wonderful gift idea. As the end of the year approaches, remember to spend some time with for your friends and family, and give the gift of health and wellbeing.
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