The Best Summer Skincare Bundle

Summer is here, we're ready to glow!

This skincare bundle is perfect for anyone that wants to look their best this summer, even if most of the time we're home. Nonetheless, you should never skip your skincare routine or a great deal! Try some of our newest products in this bundle and one of our originals.

What's Included?

Champagne Bubble Mask

The first product in this bundle is our new champagne bubble mask. This mask is perfect for clearing your pores and brightening your skin! Give your face a fresh look in just 5 minutes! Apply to clean face, gently spread the mask, and allow it to activate for 5 minutes. moringa-oil-by-amire

Moringa Oil

The next product in this bundle is the original moringa oil! This is my personal favorite product by Amire because of how versatile it is. This oil can be used on your face, as a hair oil and body oil! The first and only oil we currently have released (shhh lol). Moringa oil gives you the perfect glow! dragon-fruit-scrubs

Dragon Fruit Scrub

The last product in this bundle is the dragon fruit body scrub! Another one of our newer released products, perfect for exfoliating your entire body and those backyard pool days. This is not only a physical exfoliant, but it also is a body polish so your skin will glow! Expert tip: apply moringa oil after to finish the glow. All the products you’ll receive in this bundle is going to help you and your skin glow all summer long. Each product will be FULL SIZE, so you don’t have to worry about running out before the season ends. Check out our other blogs to learn more about each product. click-here to shop
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